Heartbreaking Video of Bullied Schoolboy Goes Viral=> Sean Hannity Offers Him Flight to Fox News Studio in NYC

Sean Hannity and many others stepped in to offer help to a young schoolboy named Keaton Jones after a video went viral of him tearfully pleading for bullies to leave him alone.

The young boy, who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee tearfully explains bullies make fun of his nose, tell him he has no friends and pour milk on him during lunch.

Keaton’s mother posted the video to Facebook and it has over 16 million views so far.

His mother wrote, ‘For the record, Keaton asked to do this AFTER he had me pick him up AGAIN because he was afraid to go to lunch.’

It’s hard to watch.

Keaton’s video caught the attention of Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Sunday. Hannity tweeted, “If someone can get to me the name of the school, the principal, school board members i will gladly make the calls myself and fix this. Also if anyone knows Keaton and his parents, i will gladly fly them to NYC to be my guest & visit Fox News.”

Hannity then followed up encouraging someone to set up a scholarship account for Keaton and offered to donate $10,000.

Tennessee Titans tight end, Delanie Walker also tweeted a video to Keaton to bring awareness to bullying and offered him 4 tickets to a Titans football game.

Tyler Byrd, wide receiver at the University of Tennessee tweeted, “We going to the middle school next Tuesday show young Man some love we will also TWITTER LIVE some of it so everyone can show there love and support.”

Dana White, President of the UFC also tweeted his support for Keaton Jones “Meet Keaton Jones a very smart little boy who is being bullied at school. This video is heartbreaking!! I want to bring Keaton to Vegas and hang out at UFC Headquarters. If anyone knows how i can reach the family please let me know. Thank u everyone.”

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