Hah-Hah! Linda Sarsour Super Triggered Over SCOTUS Decision on Trump Travel Ban – Gets TORCHED on Twitter

Linda ‘Cockroach’ Sarsour was super triggered after SCOTUS allowed Trump’s travel ban to be fully enforced Monday.

The Supreme Court on Monday allowed the Trump administration to fully enforce the travel ban by residents from six radical regimes and failed states.

The travel ban applies to travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. And officials from North Korea and Venezuela.

Sarsour previously railed against the Trump administration for the proposed travel ban. She said white supremacists are reigning in the White House and called for Jihad against Trump.


Sarsour also told her fellow Muslim ‘brothers and sisters’ not to assimilate. Wonderful.

And she wonders why Trump is working to protect Americans from countries that harbor terrorists.

They hate Americans and want us dead.

Sarsour tweeted, “Here we go. White supremacist agenda continues.” with the hashtag #NoMuslimBanEver

Sarsour also tweeted contact info for people traveling to JFK to retain legal counsel:

Very rich coming from a woman who has ties to the terrorist group, Hamas and repeatedly calls for Sharia law to be practiced in the United States.

Trump supporters lit Sarsour up! Hah-Hah!

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