Hah! Democrat and Liberal Media: We May Have Lost Alabama But Gosh Darnit We’re Winning

Democrats and the liberal media have already conceded Alabama to Judge Roy Moore.

After hurling every smear and vicious attack EVER at the Alabama Judge they see they are still going to lose.

Why should they?

When was the last time the Washington Post or ANY liberal media outlet published a positive piece on Alabama?

30 years ago? 50 years ago?


Judge Roy Moore pulled ahead of his very liberal opponent Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate special election.
Moore now leads Jones 49-45 in the Real Clear Politics averages.

President Trump helped Moore tremendously with his comments against liberal Doug Jones.

So Democrats and the liberal media are now switching their headlines to insist they really won.

They lost but they really won.

This is how they are going to play the results on Tuesday.
It’s all they got.

Meanwhile, more and more Americans are turning their back on the lying liberal media.
So Alabama will be more than a win for Judge Moore — It will be a win for the alternative media.

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