HERE WE GO=> Democrat Hypocrites Tell Creepy Al Franken to Remain in Senate

Senator Al Franken resigned from the US Senate on December 7th.
This came after dozens of Democrat senators finally told him to step down for his sexual abuse that was caught on camera.

Al Franken attacked President Donald Trump and Judge Roy Moore on the way out the door.

But he never set a date to leave office. He said it would be “in the coming weeks.”
He’s still in office.


And now Democrats are calling on Franken to keep his job as US Senator.

Politico reported:

At least four senators are urging Al Franken to reconsider resigning, including two who issued statements calling for the resignation two weeks ago and said they now feel remorse over what they feel was a rush to judgment.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who urged Franken not to step down to begin with — at least not before he went through an Ethics Committee investigation — said the Minnesota senator was railroaded by fellow Democrats.

“What they did to Al was atrocious, the Democrats,” said West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin in an interview for POLITICO’s Off Message podcast to post on Tuesday.

Franken’s unusual timeline — in his departure announcement he said he’d go “in the coming weeks,” without setting a date — has fed the fleeting hopes that there’s still time to reverse course. However, Tina Smith, Minnesota’s Democratic lieutenant governor, was named last week as his appointed successor.

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