Former Top FBI Official: Grand Jury Should be Called to Investigate Crooked Cop Mueller’s Corrupt Team (VIDEO)

Former FBI Hostage Rescue Team Commander Danny Coulson told FOX News on Sunday that a Grand Jury should be called on to investigate Crooked Robert Mueller’s corrupt anti-Trump team.

This comes after several recent leaks of bias from corrupted team members and the disturbing news this weekend that Mueller likely illegally obtained Trump Transition Team documents, emails and phone calls.

Danny Coulson: You have to step away from your bias or preference in regard to politicians. But this is more sinister than that. You have these very onerous text messages and the people that texted them then go out and give Hillary Clinton a pass. That needs to be investigated. I think that there should be a grand jury that looks into the whole thing, issue subpoenas, get people in and compel testimony, get documents and see what happens.

Via FOX News:

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