Former Gay Teen Lover Comes Out Against Director Bryan Singer- Bares All in New Interview (Video)

In a stunning report by Deadline, top Hollywood director Bryan Singer was just exposed by a former teen lover…

Hollywood director Bryan Singer has long been suspected of pursuing young men.

Bret Skopek first met Bryan Singer at a Halloween party in 2013. Skopek was only 18 at the time, and didn’t know Singer – who was dressed in a Catholic priest costume – but figured he was famous, since his friends were urging him to pose for a photograph.

Shortly after, Skopek became intimately involved with Singer. Skopek was pulled into Singer’s world – on-set movie visits, expensive private dinners, access to drugs and alcohol and numerous sexual encounters with multiple people.

According to Skopek, Singer dangled the allure of a minor role in an X-Men movie but the promise never materialized. After broken promises and being disillusioned by Singer’s sexual demands over the course of a year, Kopek eventually moved to Texas to live with his father.

A spokesperson for Bryan Singer told Deadline on Friday:

If Mr. Skopek had a problem with Bryan, he never mentioned it before today. He is someone who has repeatedly asked Bryan for money over the years, and did so as recently as last month. He also is the one who asked Bryan for a role in Apocalypse, which Bryan declined to offer to him. The timing of Mr. Skopek coming forward now with these allegations is questionable.

Even if Singer’s publicist tries to smear Skopek, Skopek’s story lines up with rumors that have long followed the Hollywood director. Notably, a lawsuit filed this week has Singer accused of raping and sodomizing Cesar Sanchez-Guzman in 2003 when Guzman was 17 years old.

According to Skopek, he ended his tumultuous relationship with Singer in December 2014 but still heard from the director occasionally. This week, Singer was fired as director of the Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bret Skopek and Bryan Singer. (Photo credit: Deadline)

Whether or not Skopek’s account exaggerates certain aspects of the story, it’s no doubt Bryan Singer is an abusive, manipulative Hollywood power-player – when rumors and stories plague you for as long as they have with Singer, there’s bound to be credence to them.


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