FLASHBACK: Obama Campaign Conspired with Hamas and FARC Terrorists and Iranian Regime Before 2008 Election

The liberal media echo chamber is in a panic state this morning after ABC News reported General Michael Flynn will testify against President Trump for telling him to contact the Russians.

This is not a crime. And Flynn was doing his job by contacting leaders of global powers.

In 2008 Barack Obama campaign reportedly spoke with the Hamas terrorist group.

Breitbart.com reported:


In 2008, Robert Malley stepped down as an informal foreign policy adviser to Obama’s campaign when it was revealed that he met with Hamas members.

Malley admitted to the meetings, but he claimed he met with the terrorists as part of his private job.

Captured FARC terrorist computers revealed that the Colombian terrorists were meeting with Obama representatives before the 2008 election.

In 2008 FARC terrorist Raul Reyes had information that FARC was meeting “gringos” about Obama.

The computers captured this past weekend by Colombian soldiers at the campsite of FARC #2 Raul Reyes contained loads of damning information on FARC sympathizers and allies.

FARC terror leader Raul Reyes was killed in a 2008 ambush.

And Obama reportedly sent a representative to Tehran during the 2008 election to assure the mullahs he was a friend of the regime!

Boy was he!

Obama later gave the regime billions in foreign currency on a pallet on the tarmac.

Here is more on Obama’s colluding with the killers from Tehran.

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