Failed and Compromised AG Jeff Sessions Goes on with Tucker Carlson – Refuses to Condemn Mueller Witch Hunt (Video)

Jeff Sessions has been a massive failure as Attorney General of the United States.
Sessions refuses to prosecute Hillary Clinton, James Comey or Obama officials for their obvious crimes.

Jeff Sessions  is working with Deep State to bring down the Trump Administration.

Sessions has obviously been compromised.

We will hear more about what it is Deep State has on him when he no longer is useful to them.

Sessions lied to President Trump and recused himself from all Russian investigations within 24 hours of being sworn in as Attorney General.
Sessions lied to Trump, Trump voters and America.


Because of Sessions’ actions the administration is under daily assault by determined liberal operatives in the Deep State.
Donald Trump will likely be ruined because of coward Jeff Sessions.

Tonight Jeff Sessions went on with Tucker Carlson and refused to condemn this witch hunt against President Trump.
They must really have some goodies on Sessions to make him so pliable to their desires.


Jeff Sessions needs to resign.
Jeff Sessions is an enemy.

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