FAIL=> Nancy Pelosi Skips Planned Protest Against Trump Tax Bill After No One Shows Up (VIDEO)

Democrat House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi skipped a planned tax bill protest after only a handful of protesters showed up.

MSNBC was on the scene reporting and to their chagrin had to admit Pelosi was a no show.

“These protests have never been like what we saw with the healthcare law. This particular protest was supposed to start at three, it was supposed to feature Nancy Pelosi, and it’s supposed to have hundreds of people, and none of those things are going to end up being true,” reported MSNBC.


It’s fun to watch the Democrats flail as they realize there’s a new Sheriff in town.

Nancy ‘Chicken Little’ Pelosi has been claiming the tax cuts are the end of the world calling it Armageddon.

The GOP tax bill passed the House Tuesday.

FOX News reports:

The House on Tuesday approved a massive tax overhaul that would usher in steep rate cuts for American companies, double the deduction millions of families claim on their annual returns and make a host of other changes as part of the biggest rewrite of the tax code since the Reagan administration.

The bill passed on a 227-203 vote.

The House was then forced to re-vote on the tax bill Wednesday after Democrats picked apart provisions claiming they violate Senate rules.

Via The New York Post:

“The Senate parliamentarian determined two minor provisions do not have budgetary impacts and had to be removed from the bill,” a spokesperson for the House Ways and Means Committee told Business Insider.

The Senate will still vote Tuesday evening.

Another FAIL for Pelosi which is a win for America.


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