Exclusive: WI Republican Paul Nehlen Releases Statement on Paul Ryan’s Reported Transitioning to Private Sector

Paul Nehlen releases statement on reports of Paul Ryan’s retirement from Congress.

On Thursday morning the Politico published a rumor that Speaker Paul Ryan was retiring in 2018.

But later is was revealed to be a false alarm.

Paul Ryan’s spokesman says the rumor published in Politico was not true.

“This is pure speculation. As the speaker himself said today, he’s not going anywhere any time soon.”

Paul Ryan’s primary opponent Paul Nehlen released a statement to The Gateway Pundit later today on today’s reports.

Paul Nehlen: The people of Wisconsin deserve to know what Paul Ryan is planning on doing.

Paul Ryan and I clearly disagree on some of the key issues, but we agree on the importance of family and wanting to spend more time with them is an honorable position for him to take.

I will pray for Paul Ryan and his family as he makes this decision.

Yes, we will all pray that Paul Ryan will make the best decision for his family and the country.

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