Disgusting. Top Barack Obama Official Blames United States for Radicalizing Palestinians

This explains why Ben Rhodes was so close to Barack Obama.
They both think the US is the bane of all evil.
They both hate Israel.

The Religion of Muhammad has not changed in 1500 years. The goals are the same. The vision is the same. The techniques are the same. The history is the same.

Palestinians and Muslims in Gaza and West Bank have been rioting and killing Jews for centuries.
They still chant about the Khaybar massacre of Jews at their rallies …in New York City.

Pro-Palestinian Muslims chanted about slaughtering Jews this past weekend in the Big Apple.

But Obama and the hard left believe the United States is responsible for their hatred and violence.

Barack Obama foreign policy advisor and speechwriter, Ben Rhodes, tweeted about how the US radicalizes Palestinians this past weekend.

He believes their bloodthirsty beliefs are the fault of the United States.

Conservative talk show host and author, Mark Levin, responded to Ben’s comments… “Israel hater.”

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