FCC Meeting on Net Neutrality Abruptly Evacuated Following ‘Security Incident’ (VIDEO)

The FCC’s meeting on Net Neutrality was abruptly evacuated Thursday amid an unidentified security incident. The meeting is back on after police officers swept the room with bomb-sniffing dogs. 

“Whoa. “On advice of security, we need to take a brief recess,” says @AjitPaiFCC, who just stopped the @FCC open meeting prior to him taking the deciding vote on repealing  rules.@CSPAN switched feed. FCC live offline. Reporters told to leave laptops. Way abnormal,” reporter Alex Howard

ABC News reports:

Demonstrators gathered outside the FCC building on Thursday and piled flowers on the ground in an apparent memorial for the internet as we know it.

The FCC’s leadership will vote Thursday on Ajit Pai’s proposal to rescind the Obama-era classification of broadband firms as “common carriers” with neutrality obligations.

Liberals want the government to keep this Obama regulation.

Ajit Pai told the Daily Caller “The Internet shouldn’t be governed like a water company, or an electric company, or a slow-moving subway system. It should be free to innovate. And that’s what we are going to do moving forward.”


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