Crooked Hillary Takes Jab at POTUS After He Goes Scorched Earth on FBI Corruption

Crooked Hillary Clinton is still blaming fired FBI Director James Comey for her crushing loss in the 2016 presidential election.

Hillary Clinton re-tweeted Laurence Tribe, a radical left-wing Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School, blaming Comey for sinking Hillary’s campaign while attacking Trump.

Tribe hates President Trump and called for his impeachment in a WaPo op-ed last May.

Tribe said, “Retweet if you agree it’s totally crazy to suggest that the FBI — having helped sink Hillary’s campaign by revealing that she was under investigation while concealing that Trump was being investigated — has secretly been anti-Trump all along.”

Hillary re-tweeted (screenshot below)

POTUS Trump has been attacking FBI corruption, guns blazing as FBI agents are purged and reassigned after being exposed for having anti-Trump bias.

President Trump blasted Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe for his overt corruption and accused him of racing the clock to retire with full benefits with only 90 days to go.

McCabe’s retirement announcement comes on the heels of a major shake up at the FBI; Wray just removed Comey “confidant” and suspected leaker James Baker from his top post as general counsel.

Corruption is rampant in top FBI brass…

Deep State McCabe treated Hillary’s criminal email investigation with kid gloves; the FBI gave Hillary ‘special status’ using the code word ‘HQ special’ to describe her criminal investigation.

Andrew McCabe is also being investigated by the Office of U.S. Counsel violating the Hatch Act according to a new report by Circa News.

The Hatch Act prohibits FBI agents from campaigning in partisan races. Photos of McCabe campaigning for his wife raised questions about McCabe’s compliance with the law.

Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok was reassigned after it was discovered he was sending anti-Trump text messages to his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Some of the disparaging text messages included calling Trump an “idiot” and “loathsome”. Other texts said “f*ck Trump”. No, no bias at all, right, Laurence Tribe?

The most egregious text message discovered was an exchange between FBI agents Strzok and Page wherein they discussed an ‘insurance policy’ against a Trump victory. Andrew McCabe was also a part of this discussion.

Reports suggest the ‘insurance policy’ is eluding to perhaps the garbage dossier and or the Russia investigation.

Comey is a corrupt, dirty cop. He exonerated Hillary Clinton before interviewing 17 witnesses, including Hillary!

Crooked cop Comey even admitted to giving contents of his Trump memos to a friend in order to leak it to the press. Some of his memos contained classified information.

It was also dirty cop Comey who referred to Hillary’s criminal email investigation as a ‘matter’ rather than what it truly was-a criminal investigation.

There was no investigation into Trump during the election. Comey admitted in a March testimony that he was probing Trump’s camp for possible ‘Russian ties’ the summer of 2016. This of course was prompted by the Hillary-funded garbage dossier.

Many reports also suggest the FBI paid for the garbage dossier and used it as a way to obtain a FISA warrant in order to spy on Trump’s camp.

Laurence Tribe is just another left-wing Hillary Clinton sycophant desperate to take down President Trump and Crooked Hillary is a pathetic, corrupt loser who needs to go the hell away already.

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