Crooked Hillary Celebrates Ramadan More Than Christmas – Trump supporters Respond

It’s scary to think Hillary Clinton almost became President of the United States.

Crooked Hillary favors illegal aliens and Islam over Americans and Christianity. 

Hillary Clinton celebrates Ramadan more than she celebrates Christmas. In fact, Hillary hasn’t wished Americans a ‘Merry Christmas’ from her social media since 2015. In contrast, Hillary gushes over Ramadan and wishes Muslims ‘a blessed time of reflection and good health’.

The last time Crooked Hillary wished people a Merry Christmas from her Twitter account was in 2015 and she wonders why she lost the election. Hillary routinely ignored the majority of Americans-Christians.


Hillary Clinton didn’t say a word on Christmas this year from her social media either. She did however, beg for donations to her organization ‘Onward Together’. What a truly despicable woman. Thank God she is not our president!

President Trump and our lovely First Lady released a beautiful Christmas message to Americans this year. President Trump quoted Isaiah from the Bible, celebrated the birth of Christ and wished Americans a Merry Christmas. God bless America. Amen!


Trump supporters responded…

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