Crooked Hillary Begs For Money Going Into Christmas Weekend

Crooked Hillary Clinton continued to beg for money from her gullible followers going into Christmas weekend. 


Most Americans are struggling financially after 8 years of Obama’s Socialist hell. Things are turning around, but the holidays are especially tough for families living paycheck to paycheck as they figure out how to fit a little Christmas shopping into their budgets.

Hillary is completely removed from the average struggling American being that she’s a government elitist who hasn’t worked a normal job in decades so she shamelessly begged for money going into the holiday weekend.


Hillary went on a tweetstorm pushing six radical, anti-American far left groups she financially backs.

Whites need not apply.

Hillary supports a radical left-wing open borders-pro-illegal alien group.

Hillary pushes a group which states they are building ‘black political power’. (Imagine if the group said they are building ‘white political power’)

More radical groups Hillary is fundraising for:

Hillary ends her tweetstorm by promoting her organization ‘Onward Together’ begging for more money.

Hillary Clinton did the same thing after the Senate passed Trump’s tax bill. She begged for money from her gullible sycophants as a way to fight the tax cuts. Makes sense.

All Hillary Clinton cares about is money and power. Truly disgusting.

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