This is Serious=> Fired FBI Director Comey’s Criminal Actions Could Put Him in Prison

In September 2016 Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) questioned FBI Director James Comey about Paul Combetta, the Clinton IT staffer who was granted immunity for his role in deleting emails from her private server.

A Reddit account uncovered by online sleuths contained posts where Combetta asked for advice in deleting names from the to/from fields of a “very VIP” email account.
He was caught red-handed in deleting Hillary emails that were under subpoena.

Combetta was granted immunity from Obama’s Department of Justice in their investigation of Clinton.

Instead of arresting Combetta, FBI Director James Comey granted him immunity — despite proof that Combetta sought to destroy email evidence that was under subpoena.

On Friday conservative activist and author Mike Cernovich hammered fired FBI Director James Comey for his criminal actions in the Hillary Clinton email probe.

Hi @Comey,
Why wasn’t Hillary’s IT guy prosecuted for obstructing justice when there is smoking gun evidence he sought to destroy information under subpoena?

More from Mike Cernovich–
As you know, an immunity agreement WOULD NOT cover obstruction of justice. Why did you give a pass to Hillary’s IT guy, who was caught deleting emails under subpoena?

James Comey is in serious legal trouble for his handling of the Clinton email scandal.

Comey’s criminal actions could put him in prison.

In December 2017 Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told FOX News he was convinced the FBI was trying to stop Donald Trump from being elected.

On Friday the State Department released emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

At least 5 emails contain classified information from Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.
US Sailors have gone to prison for less than this.

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