Crooked Cop Comey Sends Cryptic Tweet Quoting Nuremberg Prosecutor After Trump Slams FBI Corruption

Crooked cop Comey will go down in history as the man who helped destroy the FBI’s reputation, a once trusted, independent institution.

On Friday morning, President Trump slammed the FBI and DOJ corruption as he spoke to reporters before his visit to the FBI headquarters.

President Trump took a swipe at Comey and said it was “a shame” what has happened to the FBI in the past few years.

Comey got triggered and sent out a cryptic tweet quoting a Nuremberg prosecutor.

“[T]he citizen’s safety lies in the prosecutor . . . who serves the law and not factional purposes” Robert H. Jackson (former Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, chief Nuremberg prosecutor)” Comey tweeted.


Comey has a lot of nerve acting this arrogantly as new documents released by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee Thursday reveal the former FBI Director or someone under his watch made more edits to Hillary’s draft statement.

One very shocking revelation is that “hostile actors” likely gained access to Hillary Clinton’s private email which of course contained classified information. 

Comey drafted Hillary’s exoneration statement BEFORE he interviewed 17 witnesses, including Hillary Clinton! We also just recently found out that Hillary’s email investigation was given ‘special status’ while swamp creature McCabe only recused himself one week before the presidential election despite obvious conflicts of interest.

A REAL investigation must be conducted. Americans are mad as hell!

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