Corey Lewandowski Gets Even=> Trashes Megyn Kelly in Epic Tweet

Megyn Kelly was the top cheerleader in pushing the hoax that faker Michelle Fields was assaulted by Corey Lewandowski at a Florida rally when he brushed up against her.

Megyn Kelly — who opposed candidate Donald Trump — worked daily to push this false narrative against Corey Lewandowski and the Donald Trump campaign.

Video of the alleged “assault” proved nothing happened.
But that didn’t stop Megyn Kelly and fellow #NeverTrumpers from pushing this hoax for weeks.

On Monday Megyn Kelly announced Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie were coming on her NBC morning show.

But early on Tuesday Megyn Kelly posted an update that Corey Lewandowski had cancelled his appearance on her show.

And Corey Lewandowski got the last laugh.


Corey tweeted this response:

Well played, Corey!

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