CNN’s Jim Acosta Triggered After Sarah Sanders Threatens His White House Access (VIDEO)

As previously reported, Sarah Sanders threatened to remove Jim Acosta’s White House access after he shouted out a question to the president during a pool spray of a bill signing.

CNN’s Jim Acosta took liberal bias to new heights this year with his awful disrespect of President Trump.

Despite his conduct CNN continues to send this clown act to the White House to report on an administration he despises.
On Monday Acosta again disrespected the White House Press Secretary at the daily briefing.

Then AGAIN on Tuesday Acosta showed he’s not mature enough to be in a press pool asking the President of the United States questions as he rudely shouted a question to President Trump.

Someone as boorish as Acosta should have his access pulled. Amen Sarah Sanders for finally threatening to kick this clown to the curb!

Acosta was triggered!

“Prior to this morment, issued a warning to me. She said if I asked a question of Trump at the bill signing “I can’t promise you will be allowed into a pool spray again.” Sorry Sarah.. we won’t be intimidated,” Acosta tweeted.

CNN’s Jim Acosta also spoke to Wolf Blitzer after Sanders threatened his White House access.

Acosta nervously stated at the end of the interview that he was warned by Sanders he may lose his White House access and called it a “direct threat”

Acosta then told Blitzer that “we (CNN) don’t respond to threats” (as he’s responding to the threat) and continued by saying he won’t be intimidated.

Looks like Acosta is a little rattled because he knows there’s a new Sheriff in town who won’t take his rude outbursts.


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