CNN Host Goes Into Crisis Mode as Tables Turn From Roy Moore to Bill Clinton’s Rape Accusations (VIDEO)

CNN host Kate Bolduan attempted to shut down conservative commentator Ed Martin on Monday morning after he blasted the hypocrisy of the coverage of Roy Moore and called Bill Clinton a rapist.

During the network’s angsty coverage of President Donald Trump endorsing Roy Moore, Martin did not hold back on calling out CNN for supporting Al Franken going to the Ethics Committee for an investigation instead of calling for him to resign. He asserted that the people of Alabama should also be allowed to determine what they believe and whether or not they wish to support the candidate.

CNN commentator Hilary Rosen appeared visibly annoyed as she called Martin’s points a “false equivalency” while acknowledging that the Democratic Party “screwed this up with Al Franken.”

Things became even more heated when Martin brought up the Democratic Party’s disgraced former President Clinton.

“Hillary wants a left-winger like the Democrat down there, I want a Conservative. I think the people of Alabama are going to decide. One last thing — if Hillary thinks it’s okay to use the term ‘child molester’ for a guy accused of someone and never convicted –” Martin began.

Bolduan immediately jumped in and attempted to cut off his statement, but he persisted.

“I’d like to hear what she will say about Bill Clinton,” Martin tried to continue as Bolduan interrupted and spoke over him. “Bill Clinton is accused of rape so, we will call Bill Clinton a rapist,” he asserted.

Bolduan, looking extremely uncomfortable, acknowledged that the former President has in fact been accused of rape by multiple women.


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