BuzzFeed FIRES White House Correspondent After Allegations of Inappropriate Comments

Another one bites the dust. BuzzFeed fired its White House correspondent Wednesday following allegations of inappropriate comments to a coworker. 

Business Insider reports:

Adrian Carrasquillo was let go following an internal investigation, a representative told Business Insider on Wednesday. […]

Last month, BuzzFeed News began investigating several of its staffers after their names appeared on a Google spreadsheet titled “S****y Media Men” that was being passed around media circles. It listed unverified allegations against men in the media and publishing industries. Carrasquillo’s name appeared on a version of the list seen by Business Insider.

The former White House correspondent was fired on Wednesday after a new complaint came to light that included evidence of inappropriate comments he’d sent to a coworker.

“We are saddened by these circumstances, but we take these issues extremely seriously,” a BuzzFeed spokesperson told Business Insider

“We’re committed to ensuring that BuzzFeed remains a place where everyone is treated respectfully by his or her peers.”

“In responding to a complaint filed last week by an employee, we learned that Adrian violated our Code of Conduct by sending an inappropriate message to a colleague,” the spokesman added.

“This followed a reminder about our prohibition against inappropriate communications.”

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