BREAKING: Dem Lawmaker Arrested in Capitol Hill Protest – Poses For Pictures (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep Luis Gutierrez was arrested (again) Wednesday along with 200 protesters at a protest on Capitol Hill demanding action on DACA.

Gutierrez has been arrested and or cuffed many times protesting in favor of illegal aliens and open borders.

Democrat lawmaker of Illinois Luis Gutierrez joined members of the hardcore left-wing group SEIU in swarming Capitol Hill Wednesday demanding action on DACA.


According to the Daily Caller, Capitol Police gave three warnings to the protesters to disperse before arrests would be made. Handcuffs were not used in the arrests. The crowd was fairly peaceful and protesters were loaded onto buses to be processed.

Gutierrez just announced last week he will not be seeking reelection. The Democrat lawmaker did not disclose why he is retiring.

The announcement was a surprise to everyone.

And there is NOTHING on his Twitter page about his announcement.

Now he will have more time to protest for open borders and get arrested.


Gutierrez proudly tweeted about his arrest:


Featured photo + video via The Daily Caller

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