BREAKING: Another Dirty Democrat Lawmaker Accused of Sexual Harassment – ‘He Followed Me to My Car One Night’

Dirty Democrat Congressman Ruben Kihuen is being accused of sexual harassment by a woman who worked as a finance director for him in 2016.

The woman alleges the young lawmaker repeatedly made advances towards her even though she firmly told him she had a boyfriend. On two occasions, Kihuen rubbed the woman’s thighs without her consent and humiliated her.

Buzzfeed reported:

A woman who worked as the finance director for a promising Nevada Democrat is alleging that he repeatedly harassed and made sexual advances toward her during his 2016 congressional campaign — and like many young people on campaigns all over the country, she did not know what to do with her complaint and didn’t feel comfortable bringing it to the campaign’s leadership.

So she quit her job. And he’s now in Congress.

Samantha, whose last name BuzzFeed News is withholding at her request, began working for Rep. Ruben Kihuen early in his campaign to unseat Republican Rep. Cresent Hardy in December 2015 and quit by April 7, 2016. Starting in February of that year, Samantha, who was 25 at the time, said Kihuen, who was then 35 and still competing in the primary race, propositioned her for dates and sex despite her repeated rejections. On two occasions, she says he touched her thighs without consent.

Samantha says she spoke with a staffer for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee about why she abruptly quit her job, telling the staffer that Kihuen had made her uncomfortable with his advances.

According to Buzzfeed, the person she spoke with at the DCCC, a mid-level staffer who no longer works there, confirmed a conversation took place.

Samantha states on one occasion Kihuen followed her to her car and came onto her even though she clearly stated she had a boyfriend.

On two occasions he touched her thighs without her consent, humiliating her.

Kihuen repeatedly brought up Samantha’s boyfriend and asked her if she would ever cheat on him.

One night Kihuen suggested they get a hotel room together to which Samantha firmly stated “no”.

Senior House Democrats are calling for Kihuen to resign.

USA Today reports:

The chairman of the House Democrats’ campaign committee is calling for first-term Rep. Ruben Kihuen to resign after allegations the Nevada Democrat sexually harassed a campaign during last year’s run for Congress.

Read the full report by Buzzfeed here.

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