BOOM! Sara Carter: There Are Other Anti-Trump Mueller Team Emails Out There “A Lot More Is Going to Come Out” (VIdeo)

Sean Hannity went on a tirade Monday against the politicized Robert Mueller investigators.

Crooked Cop Robert Mueller hired a team of FAR LEFT hacks and Trump-haters to FIND A CRIME to impeach President Trump.

Every single top attorney on the team is a former Democrat administration official or Democrat donor.

On Monday’s show Sara Carter from Circa News told Sean that there are more anti-Trump emails out there connected to the Mueller investigation team.

Sean Hannity: I’m hearing rumors all over the place Sara Carter that there are other anti-Trump text-emails out there. And we know about them.

Sara Carter: I think you’re hearing correctly Sean and I think a lot more is going to come out. In fact, I know a lot more is going to come out based on the sources I’ve spoken to.

Via Hannity:

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