BOOM! Laura Ingraham To Expose ANOTHER ‘Politically Compromised’ Mueller Official

On Tuesday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham revealed yet another ‘politically compromised,’ Mueller official is set to be exposed. 

“Tonight an Ingraham Angle EXCLUSIVE. Strzok wasn’t the only member of Mueller’s team who was/is politically compromised. I reveal the identity at 10pET,” tweeted Ingraham.

During last night’s program, Ingraham blasted Strzok, calling him “just another Clinton crony and Trump hater.”


“This is unacceptable, it’s disgusting and it’s unfair,” the Fox News host added.

It appears Weissmann won’t be the only Mueller official exposed for political bias today. In an email obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, Andrew Weissmann, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s right hand man, praised then-acting attorney general Sally Yates for standing up to President Trump’s travel ban order.

Fox News reports:

A top prosecutor who is now a deputy for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe praised then-acting attorney general Sally Yates after she was fired in January by President Trump for refusing to defend his controversial travel ban.

The email, obtained by Judicial Watch through a federal lawsuit, shows that on the night of Jan. 30, Andrew Weissmann wrote to Yates under the subject line, “I am so proud.”

He continued, “And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects.” […]

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called the new Weissmann document an “astonishing and disturbing find.”

As The Gateway Pundit‘s Cristina Laila reported, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit for Sally Yates’ Justice Department Emails from 1/21/17-1/31/17 (when she was fired).

Judicial Watch originally requested Yates’ emails on February 1, 2017, however; the Defendant failed to produce the records requested.

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