Boom! Charles Payne DESTROYS Whiny #NeverTrumper Ashley Pratte in Stunning Takedown (VIDEO)

This will make your day–
FBN’s Charles Payne and his conservative panelists BLASTED USA Today #NeverTrumper Ashley Pratte today during a segment on President Trump’s remarkable and historic first year in office.

Pratte, a #NeverTrumper, believes Trump is an awful president because he says mean things and tweets a lot. She likes Republicans who lay down and wet all over themselves when they are confronted by Democrats or their liberal media.

After Pratte’s annoying complaining Charles Payne let loose,


“Here’s the thing though Ashley. I understand where some of the people say some of these tweets rub me the wrong way but to have a tweet erase the crushing the defeat of ISIS. To have a tweet erase three quarters in a row of 3% GDP growth. To have a tweet to erase in February people are going to keep more of their money than they earn that seems very superficial.”

Denenn Borelli added backup,

“I do think it’s time for the naysayers to pick a team. Are you going to support President Trump, his America First agenda and the forgotten men and women? Or are you going to support the Deep State which has its own agenda working against Americans. It’s time to pick a team!”

Charles Payne was on his A-game.

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