BOOK: Clintons ‘Destroyed’ Secret Service — Allowed Chinese Generals Into White House With Mysterious ‘Paper Bags’

In his new book, Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the US Secret Service, author Gary Byrne writes that the Clintons ‘systematically,’ destroyed the Secret Service’s integrity. The New York Times best-selling writer and ex-Secret Service agent says the former First Family was so abusive to his co-workers that they were often driven to “drugs and alcohol.”

Even more stunning, Byrne claims the Clinton’s allowed Chinese generals into the White House with mysterious paper bags. 

Daily Mail UK reports:


The rot started because they would ‘continually seek to systematically destroy the protocols that ensure protection’, putting the Secret Service in an impossible positions.

Byrne writes that ‘the agency had decided to err on the slide of blind loyalty and that was nearly its undoing’.

Referring to the Secret Service responsibility for investigating money counterfeiting, Byrne writes: ‘How can a law enforcement agency maintain its integrity, say in policing counterfeiting, while admittedly having compromised integrity in the area of protection?’ […]

The Secret Service ‘knowingly allowed Chinese generals, disguised in civilian clothing, to meet administration personnel at the White House and logged them as ‘business guests’ at the administration’s request so as to avoid transparency’.

The agency also ‘willfully ignored the contents of the generals’ paper bags brought to those meetings’.

This isn’t the first time Secret Service agents have expressed deep disdain towards the Clintons. In November, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who worked for Hillary, came out swinging against his former boss.

“I worked for Hillary. She’s the most inauthentic human being, holding a position of prominence, that I’ve ever met. It’s not just that she lies and deceives, it’s that she does it with such ease and skill. Caveat emptor.” tweeted Bongino.

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