Black GOP Senator Tim Scott EVISCERATES Far Left HuffPo Writer For Calling Him a “Manipulated Prop” Standing Next to Trump

Liberal HuffPo contributor Andy Ostroy called Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) a “manipulated prop” Wednesday in an effort to imply President Trump is racist by having a black man stand next to him after the historic tax bill passed.

Update: Ostroy deleted his tweet in a panic but we still have the screenshot. The internet is forever, Andy!

The black man Ostroy was attacking is a GOP Senator from South Carolina who helped write the tax bill for the past year. Liberals are vile racists who only see skin color.


Senator Tim Scott hit Andy Ostroy so hard, we won’t be surprised if the liberal loon deletes his Twitter account.

Ostroy tweeted, “What a shocker… there’s ONE black person there and sure enough they have him standing right next to the mic like a manipulated prop. Way to go .

Senator Tim Scott eviscerated the liberal lunatic!

“Uh probably because I helped write the bill for the past year, have multiple provisions included, got multiple Senators on board over the last week and have worked on tax reform my entire time in Congress. But if you’d rather just see my skin color, pls feel free,” Tim Scott responded.

Video of POTUS with Senator Tim Scott proudly standing next to him:

Senator Tim Scott spoke about his work on the tax bill:

Below is a screenshot since Ostroy deleted his tweet:

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