Bill O’Reilly Doubles Down on Secret Tape: Woman Offered $200K To Make Sexual Harassment Claims Against Trump! (AUDIO)

On last Friday’s edition of the Glenn Beck’s radio program, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly doubled down on claims about the existence of an audio recording of an anti-Trump individual offering “$200,000 to file sexual harassment charges against then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.”

Credit: Tiger TV

This isn’t the first time the radio and television legend has made such claims.


Newsmax reported back in October:

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has revealed to Newsmax new details of what he said was “shocking” efforts to attack President Trump’s reputation.

O’Reilly says his information also raises serious questions about the motives behind new allegations that have been made against him.

O’Reilly told Newsmax on Monday that investigators working for him had uncovered an audio recording of “an anti-Trump attorney” offering an unidentified woman $200,000 to file sexual harassment charges against then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

“It exists,” O’Reilly said. “We have urged the person who has the tape to hand it over to the U.S. attorney, because my investigative team believes there are three separate crimes on the audio tape.”

Days after O’Reilly made the stunning claim, former FOX News host Megyn Kelly invited several Trump accusers on her show to rehash accusations that appear fishy to say the least.

Jessica Leeds accused a young Donald Trump of groping her in first class on a flight from Dallas to New York City on Braniff Air in 1979.

Leeds told reporters last year, “If he would have kept his hands on my chest I might not have gotten too upset.”

Last year, The Gateway Pundit debunked her story.


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