‘Biggest Smoking Gun of All?’: Tom Fitton & Gregg Jarrett Explain Seriousness of Clinton Campaign Funding ‘Trump Dossier’

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett appeared on “Hannity,” Thursday evening to break down mounting evidence suggesting the Clinton campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.  

Video credit: Fox News Insider

FOX News Insider reports:

“You have suppression of a Clinton investigation on another matter, with this over-the-top, Clinton campaign-funded attack on President Trump that the FBI took like a baton from the Clinton camp and ran with,” said Fitton, referring to the dossier.

Fitton said he hopes FBI agents who were involved in the Uranium One inquiry have “whistleblower protection” before they speak out, calling it a “serious situation.”

Jarrett said there remains little evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, while there is a “plethora” of evidence of collusion between the Clinton campaign and Russia.

“It’s a crime to pay a foreign national, including a Russian, money for information on a political opponent during a campaign,” said Jarrett said, adding that the dossier “may be the biggest smoking gun of all.”

Despite potential legal ramifications for members of the Clinton campaign, Hillary went on live television in November to defend paying for the ‘Trump dossier.’