Attorney Gregg Jarrett: ‘Mueller Investigation is Illegitimate and Corrupt; FBI Acting Like KGB’ (VIDEO)

Attorney and Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett said to Hannity Wednesday evening that the Mueller investigation is “illegitimate and corrupt”. Jarrett also went on to say that the FBI is acting like ‘the old KGB that comes for you in the dark of the night’.

“The Mueller investigation is illegitimate and corrupt and Mueller has been using the FBI as a political weapon,” Jarrett said.

“The FBI has become America’s secret police. Secret surveillance, wiretapping, intimidation, harassment and threats. It’s like the old KGB that comes for you in the dark of the night banging through your door,” Jarrett continued.


Jarrett brought up the FBI’s treatment of Paul Manafort and how they busted down his door with guns drawn in a pre-dawn raid.

“The FBI is a shadow government now. It has become highly politicized. Peter Strzok is the perfect example of it and he led both the Hillary Clinton investigation and until recently the Mueller investigation. This is a guy who has corrupt political motives,” Jarrett said.

Jarrett also brought up Andrew Weissmann who is another corrupt anti-Trump Mueller hack who praised then-acting AG Yates for refusing to enforce Trump’s travel ban.


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