Anarchists Claimed Train Signal Sabotage in Medford, Oregon in November: ‘Sabotage is Fun and Easy’

The anarchist website Puget Sound Anarchists posted a claim on November 30 by an anonymous anarchist of train sabotage near Medford, Oregon. The article was titled, “Rail sabotage near Medford Oregon in solidarity with the Olympia train blockade”

The text of the article:

Submitted Anonymously

A few days ago, inspired by the Olympia train Blockade, we used copper wire to signal a blockage and disrupt rail traffic near Medford Oregon. Railways are easily accessible and everywhere. Sabotage is fun and easy.

-some more anarchists”

The claim was also posted and tweeted by Earth First! Journal.

In 2014, TGP reported on a claim by Berkeley anarchists they sabotaged Amtrak safety equipment.

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