AMAZING! Veteran Sings “Remember Pearl Harbor,” For POTUS Trump At White House Event (VIDEO)

It’s moments like these that remind us how special our veterans are. Right before President Trump signed the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Proclamation, Chief Quartermaster Michael “Mickey” Ganitch broke into a rendition of “Remember Pearl Harbor.” 

WRAL reports:

Trump signed the proclamation at a White House ceremony attended by six veterans of the attack. They engaged in banter with the president during the event.

Trump called the men “heroes” and said, “All American hearts are filled with gratitude for their service, their sacrifice and their presence here today.”

Trump paid a visit to Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor and its memorial to the USS Arizona last month before he departed for his trip to Asia.

The surprise attack by Japan killed more than 2,000 Americans and plunged the U.S. into World War II.

Both President Trump and the First Lady took to Twitter Thursday to honor Pearl Harbor veterans.


Here’s the original version of the song: Remember Pearl Harbor by Sammy Kaye

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