WOW! CNN Absolutely ROASTS Democrat Hack Ted Lieu For His Conduct During Sessions’ Hearing (VIDEO)

In rare form, CNN roasted a Democrat hack for his poor conduct during AG Sessions’ hearing.

Ted Lieu (D-CA) thought he was going in for a softball interview with the Clinton News Network and instead got scolded.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked Ted Lieu why he called AG Sessions a liar before he even started the hearing Tuesday morning. Lieu was also called out for a series of scathing tweets where he mocked Sessions’ looks.

“Your tweets about him (Sessions) being a liar before he appeared in front of you. Is that appropriate?”

“Because he lied to the U.S. Senate,” Lieu nervously answered.

Lieu then dragged Trump into it by saying, “By the way, I’m choosing words that the president uses on his own Twitter.”

Poppy Harlow interrupted him and asked, “Does that make it right?”

Ted Lieu said he’s going to continue calling Republicans names.

CNN’s John Berman hit back again scolding Lieu and asked him, “Is that a grown-up thing to do?”

Lieu desperately tried to save face by bringing up Michelle Obama’s line ‘When they go low we go high’ and modified it to ‘when they go low, we fight back’.

Berman wasn’t impressed and asked him, “so when they go low, you stay low?” OUCH!

Lieu dug in his heels and said he’s going to continue to call Republicans names to which Poppy Harlow asked him, “Is that what you would teach your children?”

It’s funny to see CNN grill a Democrat Congressman like this. He did not see it coming.

By the way, Ted Lieu also walked out on the moment of silence for the Texas mass shooting victims. He has no class whatsoever.


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