‘What’s The F*cking Point?’: John McCain Goes Off On Hillary Clinton’s Embarrassing Excuse Tour

In her book What Happened, Clinton lists a plethora of reasons why she lost the 2016 presidential election. At no point in the book or during the promotional tour that followed, did she square blame for the loss on herself. In an interview with Esquire, Senator John McCain went off on Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing excuse tour.

Daily Mail UK reports:

You’ve got to understand that you can’t rewrite history,’ McCain said in an interview published Monday.

‘One of the almost irresistible impulses you have when you lose is to somehow justify why you lost and how you were mistreated: “I did the right thing! I did!” The hardest thing to do is to just shut up.’

McCain had the Senate to fall back on when his presidential aspirations went belly-up.

Hillary had only a series of sympathetic TV interviews and her book tour.

McCain suggested she got back on the horse too quickly.

‘What’s the f***ing point?’ the salty former naval aviator asked: ‘Keep the fight up?’

‘History will judge that campaign, and it’s always a period of time before they do. You’ve got to move on.’

‘This is Hillary’s problem right now: She doesn’t have anything to do,’ McCain said.

If there is somebody who can emphasize with Clinton, it’s McCain. The Arizona lawmaker got his behind handed to him by Obama in 2008. Yet, even he’s not buying Clinton’s excuses.


Once you’ve lost support from the anti-Trump RINOs, it’s time to pack it in, Hillary.

“Even Trump hater John McCain is tired of Hillary’s whining about losing the election,” tweeted Paul Joseph Watson.

Chapter after chapter of Clinton’s book is filled with blame for Trump, WikiLeaks, Sanders, Russia and the mainstream media. What the media has conveniently swept under the rug is the fact that Clinton blames Obama’s climate policy for her campaign’s ‘biggest gaffe.’

“She made a connection between Mr. Obama and what she called her biggest gaffe of the campaign: telling voters in Ohio, we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” writes Mark Landler in the New York Times.

Sure, Hillary.

Whatever you say!

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