Watch Deepak Gupta STUTTER HIS WAY THROUGH INTERVIEW When Asked Who Is Paying Him to Sue Team Trump (Video)

Last week the far left director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an anti-business government bureaucracy, resigned and appointed liberal hack Leandra English as his replacement.

The Trump administration disregarded the political move and appointed Mick Mulvaney to head the CFPB.

That prompted Leandra English to hire attorney Deepak Gupta to represent her in a suit against the Trump administration.

Liberals believe they get to choose who leads the government agency and not the president.
That’s how deep the swamp is in Washington DC.

On Monday Attorney Deepak Gupta, the lawyer for Leandra English, discussed the lawsuit against the Trump administration to block Mick Mulvaney from assuming the directorship at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

When asked by the CNBC hosts who is paying him to represent Leandra English Gupta stuttered for two minutes dodging the question.


Trump trying to do an end run with Mulvaney CFPB appointment: Lawyer for Leandra English from CNBC.

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