Video: Joe Biden Fondles Little Girls’ Breasts; Uses Bible to Entice Girl at Senate Ceremony

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a reputation for being handsy and a hugger with women and girls; being quite shameless about intruding on women and girls’ personal spaces. The media treats that aggressive sexual behavior as ‘Biden being Biden‘ because he is a gregarious pro-abortion liberal who deserves sympathy because he lost his first wife and a son to tragic early deaths.

Biden’s behavior at the ceremonial swearing-in ceremony for U.S. Senators on January 6, 2015 drew widespread attention, mainly for photos of the 13-year-old daughter of Delaware Senator Chris Coons (D) leaning away from Biden’s attempt to plant a kiss.

However, C-SPAN video of the swearing-in ceremony shows the then 72-year-old Biden doing more than trying to steal a kiss from a young girl in front of her parents. At least two other incidents show Biden fondling the chests of young, pubescent girls. Another incident shows Biden using a Bible to entice a reluctant girl to stand next to her so he could touch and hug her.

The C-SPAN camera operator at one time zoomed in after Biden fondled a girl’s hair with both hands, bent over to kiss her on the top of her head then returned his hands to her shoulders and then slid them down her shoulders with Biden’s right hand fingers touching her chest.

NOTE: Each embedded video is set to start at a different point even if from the same video, with the exception of the ending C-SPAN video.

Another incident shows Biden’s right hand sliding down a girl’s shoulder and then his fingers creep over toward her breast. The girl elbowed Biden and stepped away from him, but Biden grabbed her and put his right hand back over her breast.

The first girl is a niece of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (R). The girl with the sharp elbow is apparently a relative of freshman Senator Steve Daines of Montana (R).

An enlarged image from C-SPAN shows Biden’s hand sliding over the chest of McConnell’s niece.

A screen image of Biden with his hand on the chest of Daines’ relative.

An enhanced version of Biden’s groping of Daines’ young relative shows Biden’s fingers literally dancing across her chest.

(Note: both videos are labeled ‘Pizzagate’ by their respective posters. TGP is not accusing Biden of being part of any alleged Pizzagate scandal or child abuse network, nor is TGP responsible for any other videos or viewpoints of the video posters.)

In another incident from that day, Biden is meeting Colorado Senator Cory Gardner and his wife and 11-year-old daughter. The daughter puts herself on the other side of Biden from her father. Biden reaches out to shake her hand and tires to pull her toward him such that the resisting girl stumbles in her heels. Biden then asks her to hold the Bible for the swearing-in of her father to get her next to him so he could fondle her. Biden drags her over by the arm and positions her close to him with both hands on her. Biden hugs her with his right arm after the ceremonial swearing-in, pulling her hip to his crotch. Biden then holds the girl near him for the family photo session and keeps his left arm around her waist during the photos. Biden finishes by leaning over and whispering in her ear.

Note: Watch Biden’s hand beginning at the 1:32 mark. He actually rotates his hand up to touch the side of the 11-year-old girl’s breast.

CNN’s Jeannie Moos reported on and excused Biden’s fondleness for young girls, saying, “There’s nothing pervy here. The V.P. knows he’s on camera at these swearing-in ceremonies and the parents are right there as he leans in for a kiss.”

A video clip shows then Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions (R) gently swatting away Biden’s hand as he reached down to touch a girl child whose hair had got caught in the family bible. Sessions then quickly moves the girl away from Biden.

A woman commenting at YouTube posted one week ago to one of the Biden videos claims when she was twelve her policeman father knowingly kept her and her younger sister away from Biden at a White House ceremony.

I met him when I was twelve years old and my little sister was 9. My dad and his team were receiving an award and got to go to the White House. When we met Joe, he became immediately fixated on my sister and me. He ignored my dad, and went straight to placing his hands on our shoulders and suggesting we take a picture together. My Dad is a cop, and has witnessed and worked to catch pedophiles and rapists for years. My dad immediately said we should go find our mom, and Joe began to pester him to take a photo with me and my sister. My dad said we could only if he and my mom were in it to. My dad placed us away from him and my mom and him stand closer to him.
As a child I wasn’t entirely sure why my dad did that, until I got older and was able to ask him. He only told me that it was for our own good, and we haven’t discussed it since.”

Complete C-SPAN video of January 6, 2015 Senate ceremonial swearing-in by Biden.

Why has the Establishment given Biden a pass for his preying on young girls in public?

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