Vandals Deface James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Real News Headquarters (PHOTO)

Fake news WaPo is very angry with James O’Keefe as he continues his American Pravda series exposing the bias, anti-Trump agenda in the mainstream media.

O’Keefe’s latest focus has been on the Washington Post. Project Veritas dropped their second undercover video exposing the far-left paper early Wednesday morning.

Shortly after the second undercover video was published, O’Keefe tweeted out a photo of the Project Veritas headquarters in New York vandalized with graffiti that read ‘Fake News HQ’.


“Suddenly social media is turning on our Geotags mysteriously, and this morning our building was vandalized,” O’Keefe tweeted.

O’Keefe followed up with a stern warning, “To the vandalizers, don’t bother coming back. Our cameras already recorded you and we handed to the police.”

Security cameras caught the vandals in action…

James O’Keefe hinted he may release the security footage later today. The Gateway Pundit will update with a video and more information when available.

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