TX Woman Puts Vile, Hateful “F**k Trump and F**k You” Sticker on Truck – Gets Arrested for Outstanding Felony (Video)

Hateful leftist Karen Fonseca made headlines after driving around Fort Bend County, Texas with a nasty “F*** Trump” sign on the back of her pickup truck.

Karen was picked up at her home last Thursday and arrested for a previous outstanding crime.

Democrat of the day: Karen Fonseca:

CBS News reported:

A Texas woman who became a viral sensation for displaying a controversial “F*** Trump” sticker on her pickup truck has added a new decal to her collection.

CBS News affiliate KHOU-TV reports Karen Fonseca made headlines after Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls threatened to arrest her for displaying the anti-Trump sticker. Last week Nehls posted a photo of the truck message on Facebook and threatened Fonseca with a disorderly conduct charge over the decal.

She was subsequently taken into custody on a warrant from 2014, and was later released on bond.

“I’m almost certain it does have to do with this,” she told KHOU-TV. “People abuse the badge, and in my opinion, money talks. When you’re in politics, people know how to work the system.”

Fonseca says a new sticker was made following her arrest. It reads in part: “F*** TROY NEHLS AND F*** YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM.”

Fonseca was driving around town with the F*** Trump bumper sticker for the last 11 months.

Karen is very upset that she was arrested for a past crime.

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