“Trump Has Never Met an Authoritarian Leader He Hasn’t Liked” — Says the Man who Honeymooned in Soviet Union

The Democrat-Media Complex become more ridiculous by the day.

This is all they got folks!
President Trump and First Lady Melania are finishing up their magnificent tour of East Asia. The president started in Japan and made the rounds to Korea, China and Vietnam, and now is on the final leg of his trip in the Philippines.

The Democrat media had to find a way to attack President Trump after his outstanding performance.


So they settled on the nonsense that Trump kowtows to dictators.

They must have forgotten about Barack Obama.
In China.

In Cuba.

In Turkey.

And in Russia.

Bernie Sanders was the latest Democrat to attack Trump for his relationship building with authoritarian regimes.

This comes from the same man who honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

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