Tammy Bruce: #NeverTrumpers McCain, Corker and Flake are Playing Spoilers for Tax Cuts – It’s Good They’re Leaving (VIDEO)

Tammy Bruce speaks truth to power on the #NeverTrump spoilers

Tammy Bruce and her fellow guest contributor Eric Schiffer believe it will come down to #NeverTrumpers McCain, Flake and Corker to ruin tax cuts for America like McCain prevented millions of Americans from seeing relief from Obamacare.

Tammy Bruce: This is how far we’ve gone when it comes to the nature of who’s in our government. And this is why Trump is president. Because we have seen it. We’ve seen it go on. It’s happening now. The three who are against the House plan: Corker, Flake and McCain. So of course it’s personal. We’ve seen them facilitate whatever Obama wanted for 8 years. 20 Trillion dollars in debt! And suddenly they’re worried about the debt?.. No they’re not.

It’s personal. They’re bitter and they’re leaving and it’s good they are. But right now they want to do damage I think.

Of course, Tammy and Eric are 100% correct!
The #NeverTrumpers are that spiteful!

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