“Stay Tuned” Sean Hannity Warns Bombshell Story on Horizon ‘TICK TOCK’

Conservative powerhouse Sean Hannity fired off a ‘Tick Tock’ warning to his millions of Twitter followers Monday and told everybody to “stay tuned”.

‘Tick Tock. Stay tuned.’ Hannity tweeted.

Hannity often tweets ‘tick tock’ when he has a bombshell story on the horizon.


Last week Hannity warned he had big news on Obama. It was later revealed former President Obama ensured the exportation process of uranium to Canada went through amid fears the Russians would put U.S. national security at risk with a pump and dump scheme, TGP’s Josh Caplan reported.

What will this week’s bombshell story be? The Podesta drama is heating up. Perhaps he has info on the Mueller witch hunt?

Stay tuned. The Gateway Pundit will update as more information becomes available.

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