SICK! Far Left Activists Tell FCC Chairman’s Children Their Father is Evil and a Murderer

Far Left activists threatened FCC Chairman’s children at their home in the DC area this weekend.

The unhinged far left loons left signs with the children’s names and calling their father an evil murderer.

Net neutrality activists left signs at Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai’s house Saturday, telling his children that their father was an “evil” man who “murdered” democracy.

The cardboard signs list Pai’s children by name, telling them that “you don’t have to be evil.” Pai’s leadership of the FCC has been fraught with criticism due to his rejection of net neutrality policies advocated by former President Barack Obama’s administration. The FCC announced last week that it plans to role back net neutrality rules, triggering protests outside the Pai family’s home for the second time this year.

Pai argues that it is in the country’s best interest to keep the internet a free and open market, and that means eliminating government regulations.

Democrats and George Soros want the regulations on the internet so they can control the content you see.

And then they have the gall to accuse Ajit Pai of “murdering democracy” and they threaten his kids!

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