Senile Hillary Brags About Bill Clinton Not Using Twitter While President… 5 Years Before It Was Founded [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton continues to act like that cooky senile grandma in the room… if that grandma was the leader of a crime family, had multiple people murdered for opposing her, married a rapist, and had repeatedly put the United States of America at jeopardy.

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any denser, the former first lady and failed presidential candidate attempted to take a swing at President Trump while speaking at a Clinton Foundation event in Arkansas.

Yesterday, Hillary bragged that her rapist husband Bill Clinton “actually got [policy] done” during his presidency and that he “didn’t tweet” about it. Among the many problems with that short statement, is the fact that Twitter wasn’t founded until 2006 – Bill Clinton served as president until 2001… so in other words – THERE WAS NO TWITTER WHEN HE WAS PRESIDENT.


This fact was apparently lost on the audience, who went into widespread applause.

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