SEASON’S BEATINGS: Huge Black Friday Brawl Erupts Inside Mall — Shopper Throws Shoe At Baby! (VIDEO)

A large ‘Black Friday’ brawl erupted inside Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover, Alabama, late Thursday night. Female shoppers were filmed punching and kicking one another, while one threw a shoe at a baby.

Mirror UK reports:


Black Friday shoppers got into a huge brawl at a shopping mall as wild footage shows women wrestling on the floor and being handcuffed by police.

There were scenes of chaos as the women brawled and police and staff struggled to break them apart.

Stunned witnesses laughed and recorded video on their mobile phones as police ordered them to leave the store.

The mall in the US state of Alabama had to be shut down early after multiple fights were reported, while a shooting left one person critically injured at a mall in Missouri as Black Friday shoppers showed up looking for deals.

A number of women were arrested during the brawl inside a shop at the Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover, Alabama.

In the video above, a police officer can be heard shouting, “Get out of here, go!”

The furious officer can then be heard threatening brawlers with jail time if they do not leave the mall.

At this time, no information about arrests have been made public.

Security shut down the Riverchase Galleria at 11:20 PM, instead of midnight, as planned.

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