Sean Hannity Unleashes on “Fake News CNN” and Soros’ Media Matters – Warns “Tick Tock”

Sean Hannity unleashed on “fake news CNN” Sunday after CNN’s Brian Stelter gave an interview to Soros-backed Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters.

Sean Hannity’s feud with Media Matters’ Carusone reached a fever pitch after the left-wing hack smeared Hannity prompting Keurig to pull their ads from his Fox News show.

Conservatives destroyed their Keurig machines and posted the videos to social media in protest.


Hannity called out Keurig last week, asking them if they care that they blindly listened to the Media Matters hack.

Keurig backpedaled and apologized. Now Hannity is offering Keurig machines to his loyal followers who destroyed them in protest.

This whole mess is because of Media Matters’ lies!

CNN’s Brian Stelter gave an interview to Angelo Carusone and Hannity went on an epic tweetstorm slamming fake news CNN, Media Matters and embattled CNN president Zucker, warning ‘tick tock’.

And the grand finale of Hannity’s tweetstorm…

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