Sean Hannity Calls Out Keurig For Caving to Media Matters – Keurig CEO Sends Bizarre Memo in Response

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor first reported, Keurig faced a boycott by outraged fans of conservative heavyweight Sean Hannity after the company caved to Soros’ Media Matters after the group smeared Hannity over his comments about Alabama Republican U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore and accusations reported by the Washington Post that Moore preyed on teenage girls when he was in his early thirties.

Conservatives destroyed their Keurig machines and posted the videos to social media in protest.

Hannity was getting a kick out of it and thanked his loyal following!


Hannity called out Keurig Monday morning, asking them if they care that they blindly listened to the Media Matters hack.

Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort sent a memo to Keurig employees apologizing for ‘taking sides’ as reported by Erik Wemple via WaPo: Keurig still won’t be advertising on Hannity’s show!

In most situations such as this one, we would “pause” our advertising on that particular program and reevaluate our go-forward strategy at a later date. That represents a prudent “business as usual” decision for us, as the protection of our brand is our foremost concern. However, the decision to publicly communicate our programming decision via our Twitter account was highly unusual. This gave the appearance of “taking sides” in an emotionally charged debate that escalated on Twitter and beyond over the weekend, which was not our intent.

Basically Gamgort is more concerned his employees received a social media backlash rather than addressing his angry consumers. Let that sink in.

Read the full memo here.

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