READ: Lucian Wintrich’s “It’s Okay To Be White” Speech That The Left DIDN’T WANT YOU TO HEAR

Thank you University of Connecticut Young Republican Club.

I’m going to start this talk off with somewhat of a tangent. I was just celebrating Thanksgiving last week in Pittsburgh. My first night back I went out to this hipster bar with an old high school friend.

Maybe five minutes after placing my drink order, this fat girl

comes up to me, asks “Are you Lucian Wintrich” I said “Ya” and then she screams “Fuck you!” and storms over to the manager. I heard later, that she claimed to the manager that she doesn’t feel safe in a bar that allows Nazis.

That is the sort of environment we are living in, where half of the country has normalized aggression against any conservative, any Trump supporter, so long as they claim that they’re confronting a “Nazi”. The real irony here is that after their confrontation, they are the ones who claim they feel unsafe afterward.

While half of the country is rejoicing in its new revolution, preparing to build a wonderful world, and the other is convinced the sky is falling, that we’ve entered a new era of barbarism.

There are currently two Americas, one full of cherry-trees, apple pie capitalism and pragmatism and another, bizarro, America run by illegal immigrant tranny communists.

It hasn’t always been this dramatic, the country’s always had two … more than two, really, but we’ll use two for simplicity … two distinct political cultures. But never before have we seen the world around us so very, very differently.

If you want to get anywhere in politics today, if you want to really effect change, you have got to understand this. Understand that what one side of America thinks is normal and ordinary will totally horrify the other. When you can predict those reactions, you can pick your battles. And when you pick your battles, you win the war.

The dark geniuses of 4chan, the anonymous meme center of the internet, picked a very good battle recently: They predicted the reactions of the left and baited them into revealing their hateful ways. And they did so with this very simple slogan.

The two sides of America view this slogan very differently. To most ordinary people, this is is a non-racist statement. In fact, it’s anti-racist. It’s not about racial pride. It’s not about white nationalism. All it says is that if you have a certain skin color, that’s OK. No-one should hold that against you. You were born a certain way, and that’s okay. It’s hard to think of more moderate, liberal sentiment.

That’s how most people see it. That’s how I see it.

But the other side of America, the elites, the media, the university administrators…The dipshits, basically… As the tricksters of 4chan successfully predicted, totally freaked out!

Now, after being prompted by 4chan, a series of posters started going up on college campuses not long ago.

And as soon as they went up, the left instantly – instantly! – began to reveal its own hatred.

Remember: all these posters say is that it’s okay to be white. They don’t say it makes you good, or better than other people, just that’s it’s OK and not a problem, just like having any other skin color isn’t a problem

And yet, lo and behold – the left seem to have an immense problem with it!

At the University of Alberta, the president of the school called the posters an “incident of racism” and promised to investigate. Racism! What could be more anti-racist than this slogan?

He also said it “targets and marginalizes individuals or groups.” How?? Which groups? Who does it target?

At Tulane University, an administrator said the posters “do not speak for the university.”

I guess that means Tulane thinks it isn’t OK to be white!

At Harvard Law, the Dean of Students said the posters were “provocations intended to divide us from one another.”

What’s provocative about this slogan? Maybe I’m missing something, but it looks to me like one of those most moderate, humorously innocuous, slogans ever.

Now at Harvard, the school even called the police to investigate the posters. The police! They called the fucking cops on a poster.

It goes back to what I was saying earlier about two Americas. I find these slogans so mundane as to be boring, whereas those on the other side of the culture war finds them frightening enough to call the police.

Which brings up my use of the slogan on the poster for this event.

I decided to throw some renaissance clothing on my image. Why? Is it at all irrelevant? Sort of. Everyone from the Huffington Post to Carlos Slim’s New York Times blog is pushing the idea that white people have no real history, that they have no culture – which is the reason that comical outfit is on point for the poster – and why I decided to wear a tuxedo today…

I picked it because it’s a pretty noticeable outfit from white history, just the same as you have people from other cultures wearing their outfits from the 1700s, I think it is enjoyable to occasionally remember ours.

Now, if I were to actually be playing the intersectionality game.

I would come out here in that very same outfit – I would wear that outfit to work, to the club, out dining – and proclaim that I am finding my roots after multiculturalism and western society turned us all into a hodgepodge of skinny jeans and Cosby sweaters. But that would be silly, right?

And yet, when other cultures do it, the left places them on a pedestal they promote that sort of cultural isolation rather than cultural assimilation – because an isolated people are easy to sway for votes. They not only just say that foreigners should feel fine to wear impractical clothing, they encourage it;

They want black people to dress like they did in Africa three hundred years ago,

Native Americans to dress the way they did 400 years ago, (which actually looks really cool)

and they want Muslims to dress exactly as they still dress is Muslim countries.

The reason for this is not because the left wants them to feel as comfortable in America as possible because if that were the case they’d all be dressing in modern clothing – the left wants them to serve as visual advertisements for the multicultural utopia that they’re claiming to promote.

The left is attempting to create an environment where white people who don’t claim that they’re transgender, or something, are ranked as minorities; placed at the very bottom of their totem pole of intersectional Olympics. They want each race and each sub-sect of people to feel as marginalized as possible and they have come up with techniques for each group.

To black people, they say that they need to always meditate on American slavery (even, the black people whose families have immigrated here in the past 50 years). They tell them that they are oppressed minorities who are subjected to incredible – but unperceivable – human injustices on a daily basis and that they’ll never be able to get ahead because of the systematic oppression that looms over this entire nation.

With illegal Mexican immigrants they say – you have every right to be here! You have every right to have our citizens pay for you! Amnesty! After All, we stole Texas from you (which isn’t true, if you know your history) and enjoy your taco trucks, so the least we can do is put tens of millions of you on welfare in America! The left claims that the only reason that Americans would not want to support tens of millions of illegal unskilled immigrants with their taxes is racism.

Then we have the Asians, the left’s opinion of Asians can essentially be summarized as “well, you’re the same as black people, sort of, but don’t ask us how… umm, systematic oppression!”

All these race-baiting tactics that the left implements are purely to win over minority votes. But then here comes the problem – what are they going to pitch to white people; they can’t necessarily say that white people are also victims of systemic oppression, it would be impossible by their logic because they claim that the whites are the reason for systemic oppression.

So they had an even better idea – they decided to play purely off of white guilt placing white people as the oppressors – or as the potential saviors – depending on who they vote for. It doesn’t matter if you voted for Trump for economic reasons, it doesn’t matter if you voted for Trump because you were sick of an ever expanding government that continues to take away more and more American rights, it doesn’t matter if you voted for Trump because you were tired of taxpayers being placed with the burden of supporting illegal immigrants, those that drain our resources – the left want you to believe that because you voted for Trump, against a woman nonetheless, that you are guilty of only reaffirming the systems of oppression, white supremacy, and the capitalist slave structure that they could have saved us all from.

Now, as patriotic as I might be – I would be lying if I claimed that the legacy of America didn’t have a few terrible elements intertwined in its evolution. I think we can all agree that slavery was an incredible evil. While it’s important to remember history so that there is no chance of repeating it, it is also important not to let it define a country. But it is that sort of regressive thinking that the left tactlessly implements to appeal to emotion, to attempt to divide the greatest country on earth just so they can win a few more elections.

Has anyone read Sun Tzu’s art of War? If you haven’t, you’ve still probably heard this quote:
“Know thyself, know your enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

People like Trump and the inhabitants of 4chan both know their enemies. They know their weak points. They know how to get them to embarrass themselves, how to get them to alienate the public, or inversely, alienate themselves . . . And because of that, they can’t stop winning.

They are entrenched in a game of slash-and-burn self-preservation, but from a position of power. Their victories afford them the luxury of executing skillfully, but they are still interested in keeping their goals and their power consolidated. They understand who they are and what they are ultimately working towards.

If you want to win, just follow their formula. Find something the left believes deeply in and that most civilized people would consider being completely batshit insane, whether it’s their desire to tear down America’s history, or whether it’s their belief that it’s NOT ok to be white, and get them to say it, get them to admit it.

Sure, you might not be the president, but if 4chan can do it so can you. You can even do it on 4chan! I’m sure there are some anonymous shitposters in the audience today.

I want to move on to the other reason I like this slogan. It’s more than just good strategy. It is actually exposing and combating real racism.

I know the right doesn’t like victimhood, and we should by no means wallow in it like the left does. I don’t want to see any of you setting up a safe space for white people. Unless you’re doing it to troll, in which case, by all means, go ahead.

But at the same time, real racism must be called out.

I don’t agree with Richard Spencer, I think he’s a moron, and a racial collectivist, which is totally the opposite of conservatism. He’s not right-wing, and, of course, he’s an actual racist.

But he’s an outcast. Why are we talking about him? Why does the media and the left try and get us to talk about him? He has what? 500 supporters? They’re condemned everywhere they go. So why does anyone even care?

Because they don’t want to talk about the real racism of society, the appalling racism that we see everywhere and that is being solely peddled by the progressive left. Think of the people who objected to this slogan. They weren’t pariahs like Spencer, they were well-paid university administrators, columnists in national newspapers, officials in local government. The Establishment.

That’s the racism we should be talking about. Frankly, I don’t want to hear any more whining about Richard Spencer from the left until they start taking their racism problem seriously.

And if they’re wondering what’s fueling the rise of white identity politics, they should look in the fucking mirror! I mean, when you put some of their headlines side by side, it’s comical, obviously dystopic and scary, but comical nonetheless… Look….

You’re sick of racism, New York Times? Really? Really? I don’t think you are.

Here are a few more, from the always engaging

Now, Imagine for a second if some of those headlines were reversed:

Wow. Those all read as incredibly racist now, don’t they? That’s because they were racist, to begin with.

What’s fueling the rise of white victimhood… hmmm. Maybe it’s America’s national media outlets that literally can’t stop trafficking in race. Maybe that has something to do with it!

They’ll excuse this, by the way. They have a whole argument with academic papers from critical theorists and race studies professors to justify it. They’ll say that racism is “prejudice + power” and that you can’t be racist if you’re not part of a “powerful” group.

Give me a break! Even if we buy their bullshit definition of racism, which no ordinary person accepts, how powerful is the New York Times? How powerful is the Democratic Party? Even if we buy their premise, this shit they’re saying and doing is still racist!

So I want you to keep using this slogan. Keep using it. They’ll call you racists, and Nazis, but none of it is true, they know it, you know it. And when ordinary people see the slogan, they’ll know none of it is true.

Now I don’t want you running off and joining the alt-right. As conservatives, we should all reject white nationalism on principle. It’s collectivist for all the wrong reasons and it’s anti-capitalist. It says race is more important than the individual and doesn’t want competition from other races.

But this slogan is not a white nationalist one. Don’t let the media fool you. It can’t tell racism from anti-racist.

And that’s what this slogan is: anti-racist. Keep using it, and you’ll enrage the left, you’ll win the sympathy of ordinary people, and you may even roll back some of society’s entrenched racist sentiments.

So, on a strangely progressive note, I urge you … Go out and be anti-racists.


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