CONFIRMED: Gateway Pundit Identifies Woman Who Stole Lucian Wintrich’s Property – A COLLEGE ADVISOR & Occupy Wall Street Leader


Tuesday night on the UConn campus the Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich was set to deliver a speech.  The event was quickly  derailed by unhinged leftists in the audience.

The crowd was divided between obnoxious far-left protesters who came to shout down Wintrich and conservative campus Republicans, and when the tensions reached the boiling point and a woman stole Wintrich’s speech, the entire room exploded.

Wintrich went to retrieve his stolen speech and the crowd burst into a frenzy resulting in a broken window, alleged smoke bombs, among various other incidences. A number of people later identified the woman as a faculty member of a nearby community college and even went so far as to state that many of the rioting leftists in the audience were, in fact, community college professors.

The woman in the video that stole Lucian Wintrich’s property has been identified as Catherine “Katie” Gregory, who is listed as Associate Director of Career Services and Advising at Quinebaug Valley Community College. This confirms the suspicions of various people in attendance that night.

The man Gregory was with is pictured below:

The woman, Katie Gregory, can be seen more clearly in the video below:

Katie Gregory is a Communist Occupy Wall Street Leader in Connecticut.


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