PAPER: Congress Just Handed POTUS Trump a ‘Historic Victory’ By Ending the Infamous ‘Blue Slip’

It’s not everyday you read Congress has helped President Trump forward his ‘America First,’ agenda, but thanks to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Capitol Hill has handed the White House a “historic presidential victory.”

CNBC reports:

Late last week, Grassley decided not to honor a Senate tradition of holding up hearings for judicial nominees who aren’t cleared by their own home state senators. That tradition is known as the “blue slip courtesy” born out of time before nationwide communication technology when a given state’s senators had access to much more information about nominees than their colleagues from the rest of the country. Grassley correctly noted that Democrats were now trying to use the blue slips tradition to replace the filibuster, and he’s having none of that. As recently as last month, the Democrats and much of the news media’s punditry were expecting Grassley, who is no fan of the president, to keep the blue slip tradition in place. But Grassley gave Trump this very special gift instead.


That long period of confirmation obstruction has given President Trump a huge number of seats to fill; twice as many as President Obama’s also large number of vacancies when he took office in 2009. The Christian Science Monitor reports this is likely the most vacancies for a president to fill in 40 years. And the Trump team hasn’t been wasting much time.

The move comes amid outrage from conservatives after Judges have blocked various aspects of President Trump’s agenda, ranging from enforcement of the travel ban to barring transgenders from serving in the military.

As The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft reported, Hawaii judge Derrick Watson blocked President Trump’s third Travel Ban. Website after mainstream media (MSM) website declared this news but they all left out something very important. The MSM in article after article never once mentions that far-left Obama appointee Watson is the same judge that blocked President Trump’s first travel ban.

The U.S. Supreme Court overruled Judge Watson and reinstated President Trump’s executive order for a travel ban on June 26, 2017 in a unanimous decision.

It remains to be seen if the move by Congress will thwart judiciary activism, but is a step in the right direction.


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